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About Us

About Me

My name is john payne i've been doing fence work since i was a child.It has become a family tradition throughout my life my family has done fence work. It has been a trade that i grew custom to since i was 9 years old and now am 36 years old. I've love the work and trade that i was blessed with and it has been a great job to have since i enjoy being outdoors.I enjoy seeing the smiles that i put onto my customes faces.

Why Choose Us

i can ensure you the best quality installment on the work that is preformed. I believe that it is very important to respect a customers opinion when they are needing an issue resolved. I believe in the customers being comfortable with the decisions that are being made. I can ensure to my customers that we will do everything in our power to provide excellent service.I believe that communication is the key and my word is my bond.